Disassembling Furniture with The Help of Arz Movers in UAE
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Disassembling Furniture with The Help of Arz Movers in UAE

June 17, 2020

Moving home is a daunting task, considering the endless number of furniture pieces that you need to move. Whether it is your bed frame, cabinet or drawers, bulky items like furniture are undoubtedly difficult to move without any professional help. Hence, no sooner than you decide to shift to a new home, your hunt for the best Arz Movers in Dubai also begins. After all, you want to avoid having a moving nightmare, don’t you? And for this particular reason, having an expert during your move can take away a huge load from your shoulders. From packing to moving and unpacking, your furniture are completely dedicated to your needs.

Moving furniture is always a professional Arz Movers job. The reason is simple. They can disassemble and reassemble your furniture more efficiently than you. In this blog, we shall discuss a few important things related to getting your furniture disassembled professionally. Help with prioritizing major and minor home moving and multi-tasking work means we complete jobs faster and better than your typical “Moving Services”. Our Handyman team’s professionals arrive in nationally-recognized uniforms and logoed vans that are stocked with every tool they’ll need.


How do professional Arz Movers disassemble and reassemble furniture?

A reputable moving company possesses advanced equipment, vehicles and tools that facilitate a smooth move. Irrespective of the number, size, weight or shape of the furniture, a reliable Arz Movers company can easily disassemble and reassemble furniture. Arz Movers that you have engaged possesses the expertise in reassembling and disassembling any kind of furniture. Most of the UAE.


Arz movers are experienced in handling furniture pieces that are commonly found in a house like bed, tables, dressers, bookshelves and so on. Reassembling and disassembling can only be done when your  movers have  the right equipment and the necessary experience.  The professional Arz Movers may also appoint dedicated teams to handle the various tasks of the move – a separate team for packing, moving, loading, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling. Hence, enquire whether the moving company will help in dismantling and reassembling to know what they will and won’t do

Disconnecting and reconnecting electric appliances – Will the Arz moving company do this?

Your home will not have only furniture but also plenty of electrical appliances. Some of these appliances are installed in a way that makes disconnecting and reconnecting a complicated task. Thus, moving these appliances becomes a struggle. The appliances which are commonly there in almost all homes are refrigerator, water purifier, TV, microwave, washing machine, etc. However, not every movers company will include this task as a part of their move. Hence, you can ask your movers if they would disconnect and reconnect your appliances and then decide the charges accordingly. Make sure the movers are experienced in handling your electronic appliances since inexperience may render damage to your expensive items.

What are the furniture pieces that will be disassembled?

Bulky items like furniture are best moved when disassembled. Moreover, disassembling is just a smarter way to pack and move big and heavy stuff more efficiently. When you have Arz Movers in UAE, they will help you out in moving furniture items like:

Bed frames: Bed frames are undoubtedly large and complicated pieces and are one of the most difficult items to move. Arz Movers will first remove the mattress and then disassemble the bed frames.

Dining room table:  Arz Movers will separate the legs of the table and wrap the top part securely before loading in the trucks.

Shelving units:  Most of the cabinets and bookshelves are not disassembled before moving. However, if the shelves are removable, these are taken out and packed separately to make the move easier.

Dresser/vanity: Like cabinets and bookshelves, dressers and vanities can also be moved without disassembling unless there are mirrors attached. In that case, Arz Movers will carefully remove the mirror and pack it securely to protect it against damage. If there are drawers in the dresser, Arz Movers may either secure the chest of drawers or take out completely. The dresser will be moved intact if there are no mirrors or drawers.

Conclusion: Moving home indeed involves a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to preparing your furniture for the move. But there is nothing to worry when you engage professional Arz Movers in UAE who are specialized in disassembling and reassembling furniture. Combining experience and the right equipment, they securely pack and transport your furniture to your new place while offering complete peace of mind. For more details about our Arz Movers services, call us at 056 3462777.

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