Hiring a professional movers & doing it yourself.
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Hiring a professional movers & doing it yourself. 

There’s one question that seems to come up when talking to those who are deciding between hiring professional movers and moving themselves: How much will it cost? 

Cost is usually the deciding factor when it comes to hiring professionals or spending time and energy to move yourself. Throughout the years, we’ve noticed there is a common misconception about the cost of moving and how much you’ll “save” if you do it yourself. 

The answer? Not as much as you’d think. 

Below we’ve broken down some of the costs and factors built into the moving process to show you the differences between hiring a professional moving company like ARZ MOVERS LLc and renting a moving truck and recruiting some friends as you do it yourself. 

What moving equipment will you use? 

Speaking of renting a truck – you’re probably going to need more than a pickup truck and a few boxes if you plan on moving an entire home. 

Generally, the plan of action here would be to rent a moving truck from a rental company, but with already built-in cost of doing this plus the recent spike in Fuel prices, it’s going to run up a bigger bill than you’d think. You’ll also need to invest in other moving equipment such as stretch wrap, furniture pads, packing supplies, moving boxes, moving straps, and more if you plan on keeping your belongings protected. 

The time 

This might not show up in terms of “actual money spent”, but time is valuable and important, and moving yourself can often take more time than you think. You need to pack everything up, rent the truck, buy or rent your moving equipment, load up the truck, and then unload the truck. After all is said and done, it may be a larger task than you envisioned. 

When you hire a company like ARZ MOVERS LL.c, you’re hiring an experienced and efficient team who has the knowledge and proper equipment to complete any type of move. Plus, you’ll save yourself the trouble of potential injuries or soreness from doing the heavy lifting on your own or bugging friends and family to help. 

Protection of your items 

Unless you already have professional moving experience (and in that case, you should join our team!) you’ll quickly realize moving furniture and other belongings isn’t easy. 

You’re not only putting yourself at risk for injury by doing more than you can handle, but you’re also putting your belongings at risk, too. The potential for damages can significantly increase throughout the move if items aren’t properly wrapped, secured in the truck, or being safely handled by trained professionals. 

Who is helping? 

As a professional moving company, we have help – and plenty of it. But if you’re doing it on your own, you’ll need to recruit others to help you. This means the awkward texts to friends or family seeing if they’re available on Saturday and telling them you’ll pay in beverages and pizza. This adds costs, and it’s a drag to do. 


When you factor in everything above – the money you’ll spend on trucks and equipment, the potential for damages, the extra time and effort, or the long-term health effects of trying to move yourself – you’ll realize you’re not saving as much as you might think. 

Hiring a professional moving company like ARZ MOVERS LLC ensures all the instances listed above are taken care of while you sit back and focus on more important things. The saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than with our company, and you’re getting a full-service, professional experience when you use our teams. 

With ARZ MOVERS LLc, you get: 

-Free moving estimates, in-home, over the phone, or online 

-Packing options and packing supplies for sale 

-An in-home walk through with our professional moving teams, followed by a walk-through of your new home so we know exactly how to plan for your move 

If you have an upcoming move, consider hiring ARZ MOVERS LLc, to get the job done and let us show you why we’ve earned the nickname “Movers Who Care®”! 

ARZ MOVERS LLc® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United Arab Emirates. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook

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